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Top 5 Things to Do in New York During Summer

New York is beautiful any time of year but everyone deserves to experience New York during summer. When the weather warms up the streets truly come alive with all walks of nature, bringing all kinds of events and adventures to life.

Cuddle up and watch a movie under the summer night stars, or explore historic art museums, from memorable to obscure-New York has something for everyone to enjoy. Since there’s so much to do in The Big Apple, your options may seem overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created this guide of the five top-rated summer activities to include on your New York bucket list this year!

1. Free Summer Movie Night at Bryant Park

This outdoor cinema peaks in the summer months. Enjoy classic films like Dirty Dancing, All That Jazz, and Coming To America under an integrated view of Manhattan’s iconic skyline, setting sun, and then finally the star-studded night sky.

Bryant Park is a truly beautiful setting so this event is usually bustling with people- you can see everything from young couples in love to whole families enjoying a picnic meal watching the movie. So, it’s smart to get here early to secure a great spot! You can either pack a meal or score some tasty snacks from one of the many on-site food vendors.

Remember to pack a blanket to ensure maximum comfort. 

2. Stargazing at the High Line

The High Line is an old elevated freight rail line turned public park on Manhattan’s West Side. This park has been voted one of New York’s most unique parks due to its combination of beautiful wildflowers, greenery, and amazing art installations all in contrast to the industrial views of New York’s skyline.   

The atmosphere of the park makes it a popular spot for cool events, like stargazing! Stargazing at the High Line is lead by the Amateur Astronomers Association. Using powerful telescopes they guide you through star-spotting, pointing out celestial bodies high above the city. This event is free and begins at dusk, though it’s smart to get there early to beat the crowds.

Whether you visit the park during the day or attend one of the many events it boasts, it’s a perfect summer activity for New Yorkers and tourists alike. 

3. Rooftop Bar Romantics 

New York is known across the whole world for its breathtaking skyscrapers, vast parks, ocean views, and amazing skyline; in short- the views are astounding. What better way to soak in the sites than from a rooftop bar, fully equipped with booze, music, and plenty of picture-worthy surroundings? 

Rooftop bars are New York’s hottest trend now. Meaning there’s probably one in view of your favorite city monument, like the 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar, their view of the empire state building is exceptional. You could soak in the skyline of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge from the top of the rooftop bar at the 1 Hotel Brooklyn, as well. 

Not to mention, people fly all over the world to dine in New York City and the cocktails are an easy reason to see why. Experiencing posh food and drinks while taking in the entire city is a spectacular experience for everyone.  

4. Meander Around The Met  

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is, not only, New York’s most visited museum but it’s also the largest art museum in the United States. Home to more than 5,000 years of art from around the world it’s easy to wander The Met’s halls and exhibits for hours.

The museum has prided itself on being a pinnacle of beautiful and rare objects, providing a bridge through time as you observe artistic similarities and differences between generations. The museum has served as an inspiration for so many, making it an iconic setting for a variety of events. 

Experience the history of The Metropolitan through a guided walking tour, or let your artistic side develop by attending Drawing In The Galleries. The Metropolitan also has two other sister museums, The Met Breuer, and The Met Cloisters, you can buy a visiting pass to one and gain entrance to the other two! Combine your visits to create an inspirational, interesting, and educational day perfect to enjoy either solo or with company.   

5. Explore Central Park

The true heart of Manhattan, Central Park, is one of our country’s most beloved parks, and for good reason. The vast 850-acre park is home to amazing features like baseball diamonds, picnic spots, ice rinks, works of art, and even a carousel. 

If you’ve never been to New York during summer, you might not know you can find rentable bikes throughout the park! Rent one and hit some historic trails within Central Park like the Museum Mile which will take you to notorious galleries like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and other fine art museums. 

Did you know Central Park is one of the most filmed parks in The United States? You can take a guided walking tour of the park to witness over 40 famous movie and tv settings! 

The Best Things to Do in New York During Summer

There’s something different to do around every corner in New York City. This is great especially when you have different people within the trip but these choices can easily become overcoming.

It’s a smart idea to put some sort of plan into effect, especially when visiting New York during Summer. Planning your trip will also help you account for things like ticket prices, reservations, and parking; all things that can put a damper on your visit. 

With the 5 top-rated summer attractions in New York neatly tucked in your back pocket, planning all your excursions, dates, and adventures will be a breeze!  

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