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NYC Accommodations: How to Find the Perfect Boutique Hotel Experience

If you’re looking for an out-of-the-ordinary hotel stay, then you need to try a boutique hotel. These places offer premium hospitality for a surprisingly low price tag.

With that said, lots of hotels are throwing around this term to make themselves sound good – even when they aren’t actually offering a boutique experience.

So, what qualifies as a bonafide New York boutique hotel? What features and amenities should it have? Most importantly, how do you find the right hotel for your trip? Look no further, folks! It’s all covered right here.

What is a Boutique Hotel?

Contrary to what many hotel advertisements may say, a boutique hotel has a few distinctive characteristics, according to TripSavvy:

  • They’re small and intimate – usually containing no more than 100 rooms.
  • There’s one thing about these types of hotels you can’t substitute, and that’s the beauty of the atmosphere and décor they offer. A boutique experience always offers stylish, modern, unique, and interesting surroundings, inside and out.
  • They’re urban. That means the location is superb for travelers and tourists, and plenty of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and attractions are within walking distance.
  • They offer amazing service. If you want a personal touch and staff that goes above and beyond, stay at one of these hotels.

As you can see, not just any hotel can properly claim they’re boutique. If the place you’re considering doesn’t have most of these features, look elsewhere for a real boutique experience.

How to Find the Best New York Boutique Hotel for You

Ready to book your stay at a gem of a hotel? Follow these tips to find the accommodations that will top off your trip or vacation.

1. Think About Location

For New York boutique hotels, location is everything. Where do you want to be centered in the city during your trip?

As you’ll find, the neighborhood surrounding your hotel will become your stomping ground. It’s much easier to head out the doors to the street and wander around the neighborhood to find a good restaurant or bar rather than hop on a cab or hire someone to drive you around.

As such, research the hotel’s location before you book. Check out nearby attractions, eateries, cafes, museums, and more. And, make sure plenty are within walking distance.

2. Consider the Amenities You Can’t Live Without

Most boutique hotels will offer services and amenities to die for, but it’s still worth your time to check what’s offered before you reserve a room.

More specifically, check for the amenities you can’t live without. Free Wi-Fi? Room service? Exercise rooms, a spa, or a pool? Complimentary cocktail hour? You can’t deny that any of these extras will make your trip 100% better.

3. Try a Boutique Hotel with a Unique Vibe

Most boutique establishments have distinct, unique vibes that they completely own. The right hotel for you will have one that’s immediately apparent, from their website, branding, and amenities to their extras (like in-hotel restaurants, cafes, shops, and common spaces).

For a fun trip you’ll remember forever, find a hotel with a vibe that you’ll enjoy every second of your stay.

4. Look for Above-and-Beyond Service Extras

The best of the best New York boutique hotels will always offer something extra.

To get an amazing experience and luxury included with your hotel stay, check the hotel website for their extras. For example:

  • Some hotels have spas on-site where you can get a massage or a facial.
  • Some even offer in-room beauty services.
  • Many of these types of hotels allow pets and even have special pet amenities.
  • If you don’t want to drive in the city, plenty of boutique establishments have car services, too, to take you where you need to go.

Choose a Boutique Hotel for an Unforgettable Experience

When choosing hotels, going boutique is the way to go if you aren’t into the ordinary or the cookie-cutter.

These establishments offer huge perks that regular hotels can’t match. You’ll be in an ideal location, in a walkable part of the city, enjoying a unique atmosphere, five-star service, and extra amenities that will make you feel like royalty.

These hotels are one-of-a-kind – you will not get the same experience anywhere else in the world, and that’s special. It’s no wonder so many travelers and tourists prefer them over any other type of hotel.

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