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Free Gym NYC: The Best Gyms With Guest Passes in Midtown NYC

When traveling, 53% of Americans believe it is essential to keep exercising. This can be difficult if your usual gym membership isn’t accepted in your visiting town.

Luckily, if you want to work out there is always a free gym NYC near your hotel, all you have to do is look. 

We’ve made it even easier for you. Read on to find where you can exercise for free while staying in Midtown.

Crunch One-Day Pass

One of the best free gym trials NYC is located at Crunch, an extreme mix of Crossfit and cardio classes. You will find every type of class to raise your endorphins and relieve stress, from hot yoga to intense circuit training for athletes. 

With your one-day pass, you can also try out the HIITZone where you will find unique exercises to challenge your muscles and agility. Take a free class like the martial arts fighting PunchHIIT or the fast-paced cardio AccelerateHIIT. 

This gym is the perfect place to have fun and energize yourself while in town on business or for pleasure. If you want to join the gym it will cost you $29.95, which gives you access to Crunch’s 308 locations and includes all the perks except personal training. 

Mercedes Club Promotional Offers

If you are looking for a luxurious way to burn some calories and relieve some tension from your travels then try this gym with an included spa. You may have to mention Yelp or another promotional third-party to receive an NYC gym day pass.

Once inside, you will experience an indoor pool and jacuzzi, sauna, basketball court, and lounge area. The outdoor space is just as impressive with green fields for working out in the fresh air and a resort-style pool.

After a satisfying workout, unwind at the spa for a massage or manicure.  

You have to inquire to get a customized membership price, but judging from comments from other members a good discounted price is $165 plus an extra $100 to use the outdoor pool. 

Pure Yoga

If you love yoga then you might want to grab free gym passes NYC for you, your friends, and even your family since they have children yoga too. You only get one free day to try out Pure Yoga’s unique Figure4 style. It combines movements and poses from ballet, dance, aerobics, and weight training to enhance your yoga practice. 

The decor offers a modern take on classic yoga and meditation with bamboo floors, colorful walls, and mood-setting recessed lighting. The studio comes ready for you will pre-set mats and props for you to jump right into a pose. 

After a day at Pure Yoga, you might get hooked on its transcendental style and want to stay for one of their 200- or 300-hour teacher training courses. There are also mentorships available to get personal assistance with your practice. 

Become a member to sign up for additional classes at $35 each. 

CKO Kickboxing

Some gym trials NYC only need a one-day pass like CKO Kickboxing. That is because it is an intension one-hour session of martial arts moves that can release any built-up anger, stress, or tension. 

Use this freebie in the middle of the week to get energized and recharge for the rest of your work trip or vacation. 

This class means business so you will need to buy or rent a pair of kickboxing gloves, come wearing comfortable shoes for severe pivoting and bouncing, and wear loose clothing for easy movement. You also want to show up to the class early if you aren’t familiar with common kickboxing moves. The instructor can give you an overview so you can keep up in class. 

Even though it is a group class, you can work out according to your fitness level and desired results. CKO claims to burn up to 1,200 calories during each one-hour class so be prepared to get a serious workout if you are up for it. 

There is an initiation fee of $49.99 that is sometimes waived during a promotion. Then there is an $89.99 monthly membership fee if you plan to stick to your kickboxing routine. CKO Kickboxing is scattered across the U.S. from coast to coast, so finding a place to continue your classes is easy.

Equinox Printing House

You can get an equinox day pass at many of the locations around NYC, but if you can talk to the membership office about visiting the Printing House then you are in for a treat. 

A workout looking at the Hudson River might be one of the best indoor things to do in NYC on a rainy day. The reason being that Equinox is more than a gym, it’s a club. That means you get personalized service and world-class luxury. 

You will get to use state-of-the-art machines or try one of their premier classes like running, cycling, and firestarter cardio fat-burning drills. However, the members come here for the roof-top pool overlooking NYC and the regenerative spa experience. The spa focuses on healing the body through the eyes of an athlete so your muscles get extra care and attention. 

If you decide to become a member, Equinox offers a range of benefits like free personal training and health assessments, discounts on your first spa treatment, and 15% off from their shop. The membership cost includes a $500 initiation fee and a monthly fee of $265 to access all U.S. locations or $305 for global access to all clubs.

Planning Your Free Gym NYC Access 

Since many of these free gym NYC passes only include one-day access you will be doing a lot of gym jumping. Make sure you sign up for passes before your trip and know where all the gyms are located. 

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