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Best Restaurants Near Empire State Building

One of New York City’s must-do attractions is the Empire State Building, while quite the amazing view, getting to the top is sure to work up an appetite. Sure, it’s easy to just pop into an overcrowded fast-food chain to save time, but what if you knew the go-to spots for grabbing a bite next to the NYC landmark? Look no further, here are our five favorite eateries, all close to the Empire State Building. 

Where to eat near the Empire State Building?

The Breslin

Whether you find yourself exploring the area in the early morning or late at night, The Breslin has your inner foodie covered. This high-end British gastropub is just inside of the Ace Hotel, and a few minutes’ walk from the Empire State Building. The Breslin offers an eclectic menu, featuring items like a dry-aged NY strip steak, a baked three-cheese sandwich, and the ever-popular lamb burger. While you wait for your table, feel free to head upstairs and check out The Breslin Bar! 

Grace Street Coffee & Desserts

Who says dessert can’t be a full meal! Definitely not the people at Grace Street Coffee & Desserts. This cozy, yet contemporary Korean café offers traditional handmade Asian desserts and a vast coffee and tea selection. Pop on in for the ever-popular matcha ice cream waffle or make a quick stop for a refreshing boba tea! Grace Street Coffee & Desserts is located just a block away from the Empire State Building, plus they are open until 12:30 am, in case you get a craving for some late-night shaved ice.

Jongro BBQ

This isn’t your typical American style, smoked brisket BBQ restaurant. Jongro BBQ is a traditional Korean BBQ eatery nestled right in the heart of Midtown’s Korea Town. A quick 4-minute walk from the Empire State Building and you’ll find yourself at a nondescript building, where an elevator takes you right to the 2nd floor. Once inside, you’ll see why this spot is incredibly popular amongst the locals! Tables are built around personal in-table grills, making it an immersive and fun dining experience. The line can get a bit long, but you can snag a beer while you wait and take in the lively ambiance. 

The Little Beet 

Just a quick 6 block walk south of the Empire State Building will have you at the doorsteps of The Little Beet. As the name suggests, this restaurant offers a wide selection of fresh produce and various ingredients, all served made to order. The Little Beet offers everything from breakfast, lunch and all the way to dinner and is sure to please both the health-conscious and carefree alike. If you happen to be out exploring New York on a hot summer day, they also offer fresh cold-pressed juices and smoothies! 


Burgers-enough said. At Bareburger, you can expect to find just about every kind of burger imaginable, served in several different ways. It doesn’t stop there! Bareburger isn’t just for the carnivores! They have a heavy selection of vegan, gluten-free and vegetarian options, such as the Big Bopper burger or a whopping serving of Scott’s Waffles. Pair any meal with an organic, all-natural beverage and finish off with a health-conscious dessert. There is something for just about everyone in the family at Bareburger! 

As easy as it can be to stop at the local fast-food chain, or tourist-packed restaurant while touring the big city, we urge you to explore the mouthwatering cuisine NYC has to offer. A quick walk from the Empire State Building and Hotel Avalon, and you can find yourself at a crossroads of culinary options and food worthy of bragging about.