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A Dog-Friendly Guide to Midtown NYC

There are about 500,000 dogs in New York City; anywhere you turn, you’re bound to run into a fluffy four-legged friend! Because of this, you can expect NYC to be very dog-friendly, which makes it a fantastic place to be if you want to go on vacation with your best friend.

But if you’re new to the city, you may not know all the best places to go with your pooch. For instance, where can you dine comfortably with them? Or stay overnight?

To help you out, here are some dog-friendly places in Midtown NYC where you and Fido can go!


We’ve all got to take a break to eat, but especially so for foodies. In most places, you’re refused at the door with your pup, which can be disappointing if you’ve been looking forward to trying out a new place that has raving reviews.

But that’s not the case in Midtown NYC! Here are some excellent places to go when your stomach’s running on low.

The 79th Street Boat Basin

This restaurant is one of the most dog-friendly restaurants around, as it’s completely open air. It has both a restaurant and a bar, so you can go for either a meal or some relaxing drinks.

Because it’s located right next to Riverside Park, it’s very convenient for walking Fido either before or after you visit. Do note that they’re only open from April through October.

Shake Shack

If you’re in the mood for some burgers and fries, this is the place to go. They have several locations in Midtown, so it’ll be very easy to stop off at one for a break.

Not only is their human menu outstanding, but Shake Shack also offers a dog menu. Both you and your best friend can chow down together!

The Mermaid Inn

Craving some seafood? Then stop by The Mermaid Inn, which also has several locations available for your convenience.

If you’ve been out all day with your pup, then Happy Hour can be a great way to get a steal on oysters and to rest your legs. Every day, The Mermaid Inn does Happy Hour from 5:00 pm until 7:00 pm. Not only can you get cheap oysters, but you can also order cocktails and wine at a discount as well.

At these restaurants, you’ll be able to enjoy your food and drinks while relaxing with Fido on the spacious patio in front.


There are tons of hotels in NYC. Whenever you’re out and about, you’ll notice at least one or two on every block. Naturally, many of these will be pet-friendly to accommodate guests like you.

However, we think the best place to stay with Fido is Avalon Hotel, and that’s not just because we’re biased either.

When you stay with us, we’ll give your dog their own bed and water bowl. In addition, they get a welcome treat and doggies bags.

And if you ever need to leave the hotel for an extended period of time, we’re pleased to recommend D Pet Hotels, which offers luxury boarding. If it’s the first time your pup’s staying with them, then you’ll enjoy 10% off.


If you love to shop but don’t want to leave your pooch behind, then you’re in for a treat. Many of the retail stores in Midtown are more than happy to allow you in with them. Some include:

  • Restoration Hardware
  • Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Polo Ralph Lauren
  • Tiffany’s
  • Time Warner Shopping Center

Many of the smaller boutiques also are dog-friendly, although you’ll want to check with them first before walking in with Fido. Even if you’ve been in before, policies may change, so always be prepared to bring a leash in case you need to leave your pup outside for a few minutes.


Whether you’re in town for business or leisure, you’re bound to have some free time where you want to explore the city with your four-legged friend. What’s great is there are plenty of parks around to visit, such as Jemmy’s Dog Run, Madison Square Park, and Bryant Park.

Coffee in the Bark

You’ll have to go to Brooklyn for this event, but it may be well worth it. Every Saturday, in Prospect Park, dog owners of NY get together for some free coffee and pastries. All the pooches will get biscuits too!

This event is to show how responsible pet owners can be with off-leash dogs. So if your dog is well-behaved, this is a great opportunity to help them out.

Tompkins Square Halloween Parade

If you happen to be around when it’s Halloween, then you have to participate in the annual Halloween parade for dogs! You can do so for free, but it’s always recommended to donate $5.

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to dress up your dog in the cutest way possible. If you do so creatively enough, then Fido might just win the costume contest and a great prize!

Winter Jam

For those of you visiting in the winter, you can bundle up and go play with your pooch at Central Park. Every year, they hold a winter sports festival that’s both family and dog-friendly. They even have a Doggie Snow Zone!

When you want to take a break, you can always browse the Taste NY Winter Market with Fido by your side.

Visit These Dog-Friendly Places in Midtown NYC

Now you have a great list of dog-friendly places to go in Midtown NYC. Feel free to put together a rough itinerary before you book your trip, as this can help take the stress out of things.

Once you’re done planning, then the next thing is to look for accommodations! Of course, one of the best places to be with your pooch is at Avalon Hotel; we’ll take good care of you two. Our rooms have plenty of space so you and your dog can stretch out, relax, and get comfortable.

Would you like to stay with us soon? Then check our availability and book a room now!