Grand Central Station Midtown

12 Fun Things to Do in Midtown NYC

A visit to the Big Apple is so exciting. With a million things to see and do, the hardest part of the trip might be narrowing down how to spend your time. 

How about shrinking the city and staying in Midtown Manhattan? Midtown offers some of New York’s biggest attractions including Times Square, Bryant Park, Rockefeller Center, and of course, the Empire State Building. Sure a visit to New York should include these attractions.

But there is so much more packed into this area of New York City. Looking at just the area near the Empire State Building can keep you busy and entertained for days.

Time to get excited and start planning your trip to Midtown New York. Read on to learn about these lesser-known things to do in Midtown NYC.

Bigger Attractions You Didn’t Know You Should Visit

Let’s start by looking at some attractions in Midtown that have name recognition for sure. But maybe you didn’t know they were worthy of a visit.

1. Grand Central Terminal

Sure, you know Grand Central Terminal as a transportation hub. It’s been at the center of New York City for 104 years. But there is so much more to this iconic structure. 

Beneath the romantic architecture of this terminal lies many worthy eateries. Stop by the famous Grand Central Clock for a photo op and browse at the Whispering Gallery.

2. New York Public Library

Sure, you can’t check out a book. You’re in New York, why go to the library? 

You don’t want to miss another great photo op with Patience and Fortitude, the iconic twin lions who stand guard over the library. You can also pose in the library’s Rose Main Reading Room.

Beyond the photo ops, the library hosts readings and many exhibits worthy of your time. Check out their website for a list of current exhibit offerings

3. High Line

You could spend days in the 1.45 miles of park area on the westside of Manhattan that make up High Line. This elevated attraction was created from a strip of old railway tracks. 

It features iconic contemporary landscape architecture and a place for New Yorkers and visitors to get outside in the city. 

4. St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Situated on Fifth Avenue, this famous cathedral features architecture worth a look. The Neo-Gothic facade might look a little out of place amongst the towering skyscrapers nearby.

Look from the outside or head in for a tour of this beautiful cathedral.

5. Macy’s Flagship Store

You know you’ve spent plenty of Thanksgiving mornings watching their parade. Or maybe you are a fan of the movie Miracle on 34th Street.  Why not visit the storefront in person?

6. Museum of Modern Art

Your first thought, a museum? Art? Modern art? Maybe your initial reaction is resistance, but trust us, the Museum of Modern Art 200,000 pieces of art will have you enthralled. 

They also offer many special exhibitions worthy of your time. You can even visit MoMA for free by participating in MoMA’s weekly UNIQLO Free Friday Nights.

Lesser-Known Midtown Manhattan Attraction Worthy of a Visit

Looking for some Midtown attractions that are a little less well known. Check out these ideas.

1. Tannen’s Magic Shop

Ever watch a magician and think ‘how they’d do that?’  That question alone makes Tannen’s worth a visit. 

This shop is filled with fun and well, magic. With countless famous magicians making purchases, they have the goods. Houdini’s handcuffs are even displayed on the walls. 

Maybe you can pick up a trick deck of cards or have some fun with the clerks during your visit. 

2. The Grolier Club

Warning, you can’t just walk right into the Grolier Club, but don’t let that deter you from considering it worth a visit. This private club was first established in 1884. It is an old book lovers dream come true. 

With a collection of over 100,000 books, they have an impressive collection. They hold regular and free exhibitions which the public can attend. 

3. Murray Hill

If you like Indian food, this midtown neighborhood is worth wandering to. With countless eateries, many specializing in Indian cuisine, you should go there hungry. 

This is a bustling area of Midtown with tree-lined streets and townhouses. Many young professionals live in this area making it a hip and fun area to spend some time. 

4. Morgan Library & Museum

This library and museum are very close to the Grand Central Terminal. It was founded by Pierpont Morgan, think J.P. Morgan Chase fame). 

It offers beautiful architecture and many free exhibits. If you need a little quiet time away from the bustle of Midtown’s street, go in and enjoy the spectacular beauty of the library area. 

5. Koreatown

Korean BBQ, need we say more? While Koreatown is much smaller than New York’s Chinatown, it is bustling with food and fun. This is another place to go when you are hungry and ready to eat. 

It’ll be hard to choose the restaurant because there are so many and they are good. Once you’ve filled your belly, go enjoy one of the Koreatown karaoke bars for some fun and laughter. 

6. Gulliver’s Gate

Remember Gulliver’s Travels and all the tiny creatures it imagined. Gulliver’s Gate, close to Times Square, takes that premise and takes you on a pint-sized journey around the world. 

Europe, Latin America, Asia, and 25 cities are displayed in mini replicas for you to view. Before visiting the life-sized Times Square you can even spend some time here in the miniature version.

Plan Your Things to Do In Midtown NYC

Ready to spend some exciting days in New York City’s Midtown? Start planning your trip today. 

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